So Close

About four months ago, I applied for a job that seemed like a perfect fit. The description had “Paige” written all over it. It was creative, it was exciting and it involved extensive amounts of writing.  It was the type of job I dreamed about, but never expected to actually get at any point in time.

Shockingly, the “gods” answered my prayers — or so I thought. One phone call, two interviews and a trial assignment later, I came painfully close to getting said job of my dreams. Unfortunately, I didn’t. I missed out by a hair next to just one other candidate, one with slightly more experience in that industry.

Disappointing? Yes. But surprising? Not in the least. My career thus far seems to be a series of near hits and misses. I always come so close to that amazing opportunity, but somehow fall short. That’s not to say I discredit my work experience to this point, as I am grateful for the knowledge and skills I have gained.

But for once, just once, I would love for things to fall into place.

I’m sure many others can relate to my situation, but I have to ask, at what point do you give up on your dreams, and just accept fate for what it is?

Sadly, getting a job is 25% about who you know, 25% skill and 50% LUCK — in my opinion, at least. And I guess it frustrates me that I’ve worked so hard (both in school and in past jobs), only to have luck take over.

I suppose the best thing to do is take the positives from the opportunities lost. In my case, I should look at this job application as a step closer to where I want to be. And I should look at the fact that I came so close as a sign that I am a good enough writer.

It doesn’t hurt to be optimistic, right?


One thought on “So Close

  1. Another very interesting and well written article. I am sure that many young people especially, can relate to your story. Love you. Auntie Cindy

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