A Political Stance

I’ve never been into politics—or so I thought up until two years ago.

I had just finished the Public Relations program at Grant MacEwan, and I was desperately seeking an opportunity to gain some PR experience. As a new grad, those opportunities seemed few and far between.

That’s precisely why I decided to respond to an email, more specifically, a volunteer inquiry (through the PR program) for Kerry Diotte’s municipal election campaign.

Even though I had never worked on a campaign in my life, I thought what the hell.  It wouldn’t hurt to get more involved in politics, and more importantly, in my community.

While I didn’t know Kerry personally, I came to know him very well over the course of his campaign. I discovered that he was equally as passionate about his work as he was about bettering his community. This made it all the more exciting when he won the 2010 Edmonton municipal election and became City Councilor of Ward 11.

The whole campaign experience was a bit of a surprise. I initially got involved as a way to develop my career, but by the end of it, I had gained far more than I had ever expected.

I met so many great people through that campaign, some of which I can now call my close friends (and mentors). And for better or for worse, the campaign opened my eyes to issues and concerns faced by the people living right within my community.

Tonight, I just came from an exciting, post-debate celebration for Premier Alison Redford. And while I’m not as informed as I would like to be on provincial politics, I’ve once again, forced myself to read up on current issues, mainly because I am volunteering for yet another campaign.

This time, it is for Matt Jeneroux, a promising PC candidate in Edmonton Southwest. Once again, I’m impressed by Matt’s genuine care for and understanding of his community. I sincerely wish him the best on the last few weeks of his campaign.

It’s easy to take a blind eye to politics, but it’s much more difficult to find your voice within them, and understand that no matter what political stance or background you come from, you have the power to make a difference.



2 thoughts on “A Political Stance

  1. Which riding is Matt running in? Who is he up against?

    I’m also getting into this election campaign in particular (I follow politics as closely as I can!) because it’s such a dead heat race!

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