About a month ago, I completed a Health and Wellness survey at work (mainly because there was a prize involved), and it revealed a score of 2/10 for physical health. TWO out of ten! Bascially my computer was telling me that I was in terrible shape. It’s a little bit sad and funny all at once.

And to be fair, I’ve never been a very active person. Part of it is because of my complete lack of athleticism (aside from dance classes I took while growing up). And the other part is the fact that I’ve been blessed with great genes. I’ve never felt the need to lose weight or improve upon my body.

That being said, I know I need to exercise more often. I also know that I’m in a slump—the lazy person, same-routine-every-day-after-work, slump. Until yesterday, I had not been to the gym in almost a year! And aside from a few trial classes here and there, I have been shamefully inactive for months.

Here’s how it goes: I get home from work, exhausted, plop myself on the couch and proceed to read, browse the Internet or watch TV. Or, here’s scenario number two: I have too much on my plate, whether it be volunteer or social commitments, leaving no spare time for fitness.

It’s such an awful cycle, but a near impossible one to break.

And the thing is, I LOVE the way I feel after I exercise. The problem is my inability to get motivated. The other problem is my struggle to find enough time and energy for it. The impractical part of my brain keeps on telling me that I don’t really need to exercise, therefore, I don’t.

In my case, I need to train my brain to think differently. Aside from the obvious health benefits of exercise (which clearly aren’t motivation enough), I need to consider other reasons why getting active is so important.

For one, it’s great for relationships. I love John, but we don’t need to spend every minute together. When it comes to exercise, it’s often something I do on my own, and that alone time is necessary.

Secondly, exercise can actually be fun. I seem to forget this one far too often. While I’m not a fan of my gross, sweaty gym, I am a fan of the variety of awesome classes it offers. Zumba, pilates and yoga are just a few—and they all come free with my gym membership!

Last of all, in a much more superficial sense, exercise will make me look better. I can stand to gain a bit of muscle weight, both in my arms and legs. And hey! I have a wedding coming up in less than four months, and obviously I want to look good in my ridiculously overpriced dress.

And that concludes confessions of a lazy person (aka – ME). I encourage all of you to share your secrets on how you stay motivated to keep fit!