The Question of Kids

If you asked me today whether or not I’m ready to have kids, I would answer an affirmative NO. But if you asked me whether or not I will ever be ready to have kids, my answer would be much different.

In other words, I’m pretty sure I’ll have children one day, but I have no idea when or how they will fit into my selfish lifestyle. To be honest, my priorities at the moment are my career, my soon-to-be marriage and my plans for travelling. And I’m not sure I’ll ever get that innate feeling inside telling me that I absolutely have to be a parent.

Unfortunately, I can’t turn to any of my kid-free friends or family for advice, because most of them are in the same predicament. They all have this uncertain notion that they might have kids—you know, eventually.

I blame it on my generation. I think many of us between the ages of 21 – 30 are much more focused on ourselves than ever before. And that’s a great thing! I know for myself, I want to be able to pass on as much wisdom and life experience as possible to my kids, which often comes with age and time.

Last night, when I babysat my niece and nephew, I thought to myself: I’d love to have a family of my own. That being said, I realize that the reason why those two kids, in particular, are so adorable and well-behaved, is because they have parents who have raised them incredibly well.

I can’t say I have as much confidence in my own parenting abilities, yet. I’m still counting on that day when all the answers will just come to me, when I’ll just have to figure it out. Because that’s how parenting works, right?




One thought on “The Question of Kids

  1. Great article on “kids”–yes or no. I felt that way in my twenties too. Whichever way it goes it has to be right for you and your husband.

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