Mood Shift

Mood rings  one of the tackiest pieces of jewelry to ever exist (in my opinion), but the concept behind them is genius. What I wouldn’t give to be able to turn my emotions on and off in the same way you can with a mood ring, based on your body’s temperature.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ease away your grumpiness, simply by wrapping a warm blanket around yourself? Or by having a hot glass of tea? Or in the opposite case, by getting some fresh air? Sadly, none of those have ever worked for me.

I’ve had an alarming epiphany as of late that my mood is responsible for 90% of my problems. And by problems, I’m talking about fights, general feelings of stress, unhappiness and poor decisions. But what I’ve also realized is how difficult it is to control a bad mood once you’ve gotten into one.

I always try to get more sleep or pretend that I’m not hormonal, but it’s easier to just accept the fact that I’m irrational and incapable of a normal sleep schedule.

In an effort to improve my mood, I’ve tried a new experiment. For every time I sense myself getting agitated, I act in the complete opposite way of how I feel. And although it may seem insincere or forced, I figure, what’s the harm?

It’s worth putting on a performance every now and then for the sake of your relationships and quality of life.

For example, there was an evening last week where I was just plain ornery. Maybe it was exhaustion or the stack of smelly dishes in the sink, but either way, I felt like I wanted to punch something. I started to catch myself picking at John for no reason at all, and then I stopped.

Instead of continuing down that path, I stopped and hugged my husband. And I may have also apologized for my behaviour. All of a sudden, whatever was upsetting me didn’t seem so important anymore.

Today, I tried my experiment while at work. I had been feeling miserable and pessimistic all morning, wanting nothing more than to curl up in a ball and hide. But instead, I engaged in a few short and friendly chats with co-workers which distracted my thoughts and diffused any kind of negative energy.

Rarely does something good ever come out of a bad mood (unless you’re one of those broody artists), so why not do everything in your power to try and change it?