Family is Forever

Yesterday, I received a phone call from my Mom. The minute I heard her voice, I knew it was more than a regular call to catch up. I was right. My Mom had called to let me know that my great uncle had passed.

While I didn’t know him very well, I knew him as my “Baba’s little brother,” which meant he shared her quality of a wonderful and kind heart. I also knew of his generosity, and could recall the number of occasions where he and his wife invited my family over as we passed through Vegreville. We were always graced with their warm company and giant platters of delicious food. The last time I spoke with my great uncle, he was working on a family tree of all of us on my Mom’s side. To me, that was special.

My great uncle’s passing was a painful reminder to never take my family, including my distant relatives, for granted, even for a moment.

Family is forever. No matter what challenges you may encounter, they are there to love and support you unconditionally.

As of today, I vow to stay better connected with all of my family members, including those cousins and relatives I just don’t see enough.


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