I absolutely despise red-eye flights. They throw off your sleep schedule, lower your immune system and essentially make you feel terrible for about three days to follow. Unfortunately, this past Wednesday, I had to take one on the way back from a wonderful and relaxing honeymoon in Hawaii.

Evidently, I couldn’t sleep, so I had plenty of time on that flight to just sit and reflect. And the clearest thought that came to mind? Just how much I wanted to go home.

Then, I got to thinking, what is the definition of home? To me, it isn’t necessarily the place you were born and raised, but rather the place that makes you feel most comfortable. Personally, I think you can create your home, wherever you are.

For the past two weeks, my home has been Hawaii. It’s the familiar surroundings, the pleasantly warm weather and the friendly faces that make it such a comforting place to be. In fact, thanks to my dear Aunt and the connections she’s built there over the years, I would now consider Hawaii my official second home.

But it’s not the only place I have referred to as home. I seem to throw around that term pretty often, catching myself saying, “let’s go home,” whether it be to a tent on the ground after a long day at the lake, a hotel room after hours of site-seeing in a foreign county or a sketchy hostel bed once I’ve spent my day perusing the streets of a big city.

Aside from the physical location itself, my home has always been defined by the people I share it with. This can be family, friends or acquaintances I’ve met over the years. When I pack up and go somewhere, I typically do it with someone. On a side note, I have a HUGE amount of respect for those in my life who have decided to leave their comfort zones and create new homes, entirely on their own (you know who you are).

So to close, I would like to ask all of you: where is your current home, and what special attributes make that particular place, community or environment “home”?



One thought on “Home

  1. Excellent article Paige, I so agree with what you have said and thanks for the kinds
    comments. Yes, I too consider Hawaii my second home. As I told your parents, I was
    very sad leaving you all in NOv. and I will also be sad to leave Hawaii in April because of
    the friendships., Incidently, many of my friends were asking where you were, at our Sat.
    night barbecue-your two weeks seemed to go so quickly. So glad you had a good time-I
    sure did. Take care. Love, your aunt.

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