Balancing Act

We only have 168 hours in a week. And out of that amount, 50 of those hours, if not more (for many of us) are spent at work.

That leaves approximately 128 hours left for our relationships, personal hobbies, volunteer activities and social commitments. It sounds like a lot, but what I’ve come to realize, especially over the Christmas break, is that it just isn’t enough time.

When I was single, I didn’t find time to ever be an issue. For one, I didn’t have to hold my actions accountable or answer to anyone but myself. And two, I only had one family and a few small groups of friends to contend with, leaving ample room for my own activities and hobbies.

But now that I’m married, I’ve acquired a wonderful new family, along with a completely different and awesome set of friends that I never had before. So of course, that makes planning out my life more complicated. And unfortunately, I feel like I’m doing a lousy job of keeping everything balanced.

At the end of my weeks, I always think, “Crap, I really should have phoned that friend,” or “We could have squeezed in an evening in with your parents or mine,” or “I probably could have used a few hours at the gym.”

There’s always something or someone who gets left behind. And believe me, I’ve certainly heard my fair share of complaints over these past few weeks that I’m not making the best effort to keep in touch or schedule regular visits.

So I ask all of you, how do you successfully keep your lives balanced? And this is especially directed at those of you with families and little ones of your own (frankly, I can’t even imagine).

This year, I have only one, but a deeply significant resolution: to organize my life in such a manner that I no longer feel guilty about any of my choices. Because, really, all of us are dealing with our own balancing act.




One thought on “Balancing Act

  1. Aloha Paige and John. My Hawaii friends still talking about how much they enjoyed you two.
    A very well written and true commentary. I never really had that situation because my
    husband’s family lived in another province where we visited once a year–made things

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