Pet Love

You never realize how much you love your pets until they are gone. And I never knew that I could love cats until I lived with two of them.

Before John, I was a bit of a cat-hater (as embarrassing as that is to admit). I thought they were snobby, self-absorbed  and stinky animals. And while some of these can be true, they don’t account for all the other wonderful traits cats have to offer.

My bad attitude towards felines changed quickly when I started dating John. Once things were serious between us, I knew I had no choice but to accept his two cats (Spike and Shadow) as my own.

And then there was Spike — this massive, white, slightly obnoxious cat with nothing but a good heart. At first, I was annoyed by his death-smelling poop and constant need to jump all over our furniture, but as time went on, I learned to appreciate and love him for who he was: a member of our family.

I’ll never forget the days when he would stretch himself on me like a little blanket, always when I was feeling sick or down. Or the nights when he would just chill on the couch with me, content to watch a movie or some TV.

Just a short week ago, we lost Spike. He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from complications with surgery. I never could have prepared myself for how awful I felt after hearing the news. I cried for almost two days straight.

After this painful experience, I wasn’t sure I would ever want to take in a new pet again. But John saw things differently. He believed that we should adopt another kitten and offer our home to a pet in need as a way to honour Spike’s legacy and ease some of the pain we were feeling. He also felt it was important to give our other cat, Shadow, a buddy.

On Monday, we made the joint decision to adopt a new kitten, Puddles (pictured below). And tonight, we’d like to introduce her to you.

We already love our sweet kitty, and we can’t thank the Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection enough for giving us a reason to smile again.



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