If I’ve learned anything these past few days, it’s that no matter what city you live in, you’re never exempt from the possibility of a natural disaster.

And it’s never been easier to stay connected with and help those in need thanks to social media. For once, I’ve truly come to appreciate the value of networks such as Facebook, Twitter and online news feeds.

If it weren’t for my Facebook addiction (yup, I’ll admit it), I wouldn’t know half of what’s been going on in Calgary and surrounding areas. And I also wouldn’t realize the potential danger some of my good friends and co-workers are facing.

Even if you are in no way tied to, involved in or affected by the recent Calgary floods, there’s so much wisdom to be gained from it (and any natural disaster for that matter).

You can take mental note of what a flood looks like. You can observe the reactions of those affected and understand your life could change in a second. You can learn from those close to you and see how they are handling the mess that’s been thrown their way, with everything from preparation, to evacuation to clean-up. And you can cherish and be grateful for the fact that you are safe and dry.

While I’m three hours away from a monstrous body of overflowing water, I know better than to think I’m invincible from the powerful forces of nature.


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