Finding Joy

A few months ago, I was feeling pretty down at the prospect of trying to get pregnant. It’s not that I had heard bad news from my doctor, or that I had been working at it for an unusually long time, but it was the pressure I put upon myself, expecting everything to fall into place immediately, on my schedule.

Of course, that’s not how life works—a fact even I have to remind myself sometimes. The best advice I can think of (from a certain wise husband) is that there’s no sense worrying about what you can’t control. No truer words ever spoken, in my opinion.

As most of you know, and as I am thrilled to report, I am now pregnant—18 weeks as of Thursday! John and I couldn’t be more excited and grateful to embark on a new adventure and chapter in our lives.

That being said, the worry and anxiety (I seem to constantly struggle with) doesn’t stop here. From what I’ve been told, this is only the beginning. And if I don’t take measures now to manage my stress, it will become all-consuming.

The truth is, getting pregnant is just the first step. There are no guarantees my pregnancy will go smoothly, start to finish. Even when that time comes for me to go into labour, there could be complications or  health issues that arise with myself or the baby. Then, there’s that moment when I become a mother for the first time: “Am I doing this right? What does ‘right’ even mean?” And the never-ending list goes on.

But that’s no way to think about things. I know I need to stay positive for the sake of my my own well-being and that of my husband.

At the end of the day, no matter what the situation, it’s important to find joy in what is constant, what isn’t changing, what will always be there to bring you comfort and happiness.

It may be the unconditional love of your family, friends or spouse. It may be a hobby you’re passionate about, that never fails to put you in good spirits. It could be a job you adore, that inspires you to learn, grow and be the best you can in your field.

For all the people out there who are trying to conceive, to advance in their careers, to enrich in some way in their personal lives or in their relationships,  I encourage them to find joy in the present, to be content with what they have, and to celebrate the small successes each day that are 100 per cent within their control.

~ There’s always something to be grateful for ~ Anonymous