Keeping You

“Your life will completely change after you have kids.” – Advice of  many wise parents

Agreed. One hundred per cent. You’ll love like you’ve never loved before. Your priorities will shift as you focus on keeping that little human fed, rested and cared for in every way. Your schedule (as you knew it) will never be the same. And most importantly, you’ll become selfless, because you have to be.

I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world, because I love my daughter so much. Though, my one hope in all of this is that I don’t lose myself while putting so much time and effort into another human being I adore.

I want my sweet girl to grow up knowing exactly who “Mom” is, understanding the many layers to her personality, and knowing that it’s perfectly normal and awesome for her too to develop into her own unique person.

Last weekend, I went out (on my own) for the first girls’ night out in ages. My wonderful husband babysat while I took some time out with friends. We ate, we boozed, we laughed, we danced and we had a time – one I won’t forget for awhile.

That night out was exactly what I needed. It reminded me that being a Mom doesn’t mean giving up on who you were before you had a baby. Today, in writing, I want to share with my little love who her Mommy is:

Dramatic, weird and funny all at once,
Strong, intelligent and brave,
Sweet, kind and accepting,
That girl who blasts her favourite rap tunes loudly in her car and dances to them,
One of those people who watches terrible reality TV,
An avid wine and beer drinker,
A fan of Timbits, sushi and lemon garlic shrimp pasta,
A lover of travel, culture and worldliness,
Passionate about photography and the capturing of special moments,
A writer who loves to create an experience with her words,
Someone who values her friends, family and husband above anything else.

My dearest Audrey, this post is dedicated to you. As the years go on, I can’t wait to show you who I am, and I’m even more excited to discover the person you become. Love always, Mom.


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One thought on “Keeping You

  1. Paige, congratulations on your best piece of writing to date. I am very proud of
    What and how you have expressed yourself as a new mother. Can’t wait to see you and your beautiful daughter. Love aunt Cindy

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