No Judgement Here

Yesterday, I came across an excellent article titled, “Mind Your Own Womb.” With each word I read, my heart sank a little bit more. While I haven’t experienced those types of struggles (or not to that degree), I know enough close friends and family members who have. And I know how important it is to think before I speak – in any situation.

Still, the article had me thinking about some of my own choices and how they may affect others – in particular, my choice to have a strong and visible online presence. This includes my sharing of stories, experiences and most notably, photos, through various social media platforms.

Here’s the thing. I’m a writer, a professional communicator and a storyteller. I love to draw people into my world through my words and photography. I often post pictures online of my daughter, mainly for my family to see as she grows and develops. I enjoy writing online about my experiences as a new parent, mainly because I want to start a conversation and seek advice from other more experienced parents.

That said, none of these choices make me any less aware or considerate of the fact that there are women out there who struggle with fertility issues or face their own unique challenges in regards to having/not having children. I wanted to make this clear, in the case that I have offended anyone through my online actions.

From my end, there is absolutely no judgement when it comes to women and their decisions about children. In return, I kindly ask that you don’t pass any judgement on me for how I choose to express myself creatively, either through my writing or photography that I share online. I think we can all stand to be more kind and accepting of each other.